Consistent and controlled automated lateral patient system

Toto® Turning system is designed to keep patients moving by automatically turning at regular intervals day and night.

Toto® is a lateral turning system compliant to European guidelines as it can automatically lift patient left or right to an angle of approximately 30 degrees and with a gentle tilting action.

No needs for manual intervention


Promoting safety

Toto® removes the need for additional manualhandling aids which can cause damage toother devices (such as mattress covers) andpatients skin.Toto® can also help to reduce the risk of personal injury common to caregivers who regularlyhandle patients.


Controlled Turning

Toto® inflates evenly, smoothly and consistently, fully supporting patients from head to toeavoiding the risk of twisting.Even while patients are sleeping, toto continues to deliver frequent repositioning.


Quick to install and easy to use

Weighing less than 6.3 kg, delivered fully assembled in a transport bag and ready for use,it can be transported and installed by only oneperson with no specialist skills or trainingrequired.


Universal Platform

The Toto Platform is designed for compatibilitywith any bed frame in any proled or “rise andrecline” position, allowing for universal installation of the product.

Digital Control Unit

The Toto Touch digital control unit provides customized care,with a user determined side selection feature and presetinflation and rest durations.

Also includes a sophisticated blockage and air leak alarms ensuring patient safety, as wellas an interface lock to avoid unwanted setting changes.

User determined cycle with independent left and right inflation and rest periods from 30minutes to four hours, allows for customized care. The system also includes a default modecomprising left and right inflation plus rest period all set at two hours.


The Toto lateral turning systemis suitable for the prevention ofpressure ulcers for the following patients

  • Identified as being at moderate to high risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • Respiratory management
  • Weighing up to 250kg
  • Supporting pain management: it can be used for those patients who experience pain when manually repositioned
  • Who are unable to change their position without assistance
  • Identified as requiring regular turning and who are non-compliant with manual turning schedules
  • Repositioning distressed or aggressive patients
  • End of life and palliative care


  • Do not use with patients with unstablespinal cord injuries or who are undergoingtraction
  • Do not use with patients with equilibrium disturbances
  • Not to be used where patients must be supported by wedges or pillows, etc

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